ship mooring ropes

What is Ship Mooring –

Ship mooring is the nautical term used to describe the act of securing a vessel to a berth, mooring buoy, floating platform, or a jetty (dock).

Each vessel is outfitted with ropes and wires of recommended strength in order to secure it safely. Essentially a vessel has to be positioned alongside a berth or jetty, to a mooring buoy or between two mooring buoys, or to another ship/barge. Then the vessel is made fast (secured) with her own anchors and mooring or shore lines. There are numerous methods of proper ship mooring. However, mixed moorings are often employed based upon local conditions. Forces effecting a moored vessel are wind, wave action, current, tide, swell, surge caused by other passing vessels, and trim of the vessel (the difference between the draft forward and the draft aft, draft being the depth of the hull beneath the water’s surface).

Where are Wood Resources Ship Mooring Locations?

Wood Resources has two mooring locations. The first location is found in Waggaman, and the other is found in Avondale, Louisiana. Berth locations are as follows: A-Berth (upper) Located at mile 110.7 A.H.P. right descending bank, Lower Mississippi River; and B-Berth (lower) Located at mile 110.4 A.H.P. right descending bank, Lower Mississippi River. There are three midstream berths with the capacity to service 250 barges.

  • Dispatch is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • We provide full shifting services.
  • The Mississippi River rarely closes down, only in extreme weather conditions.

To learn more about Wood Resources’ Ship Mooring, or to engage our services, call our headquarters at (504) 436-1234 or toll free at (800) 891-WOOD. The dedicated and knowledgeable Wood Resources Team, as well as the Wood family, are committed to excellence in serving their clientele. Our mission is to provide their clientele with the best quality of materials available and services that exceed their expectations while providing the best value along the Mighty Mississippi.