Ship Mooring

Mooring refers to any permanent structure to which a vessel may be secured. Each vessel has been designed with mooring arrangements such that ropes and wires of recommended strength can help it moor safely alongside a berth, floating platform, buoy or a jetty.

Wood Resources has two ship mooring locations: Avondale & Waggaman. We have 3 mid-steam berths with a 250 Barge Capacity with full services shifting and 24 hour dispatch

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Wood Resources Ship Mooring
  • 3 Midstream Berths
  • 250 Barge Capacity
  • Full Service Shifting
  • 24 Hour Dispatch
  • Mississippi River Mile 1107, Right Descending Bank, AHP
  • 8200 River Road, Waggaman, LA., USA

Mooring Location Maps

Waggaman, 8200 River Road

Avondale, 5821 River Road