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Wood Dredging was founded in 1953 and has continued to be a major provider of maintenance and suction dredging for the Mississippi river and her channels ever since.

Wood Dredging offers cutter head services for docks, slips, oil field access canals, channels, bulkheads, intake systems and mooring facilities as well as sand-suction dredging for filling sand pits and assisting in coastal restoration.
submerged pump

  • 139’ cutter head dredging depth
  • 163’ suction head dredging depth
  • capable of dredging 15,000 cyds of sand per day
  • 4 winches with 600’ of wire on each to cover large areas at a time

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Wood Resources Dredging Equipment:

Dredging Equipment by Wood Resources
  • 16” Hydraulic Dredge
  • 80′ Depth

  • State-of-the-art Submerged Pump

  • Superior Production

  • Suction Mode for Sand Pit Pumping

  • Cutter Head for Maintenance Dredging

  • Built by world-renowned Dredging Supply, Reserve, Louisiana

Dredging Equipment by Wood Resources